3D Real-time Modeling Project - Travelstead Portfolio
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3D Modeling

About This Project

My last semester at the University of Central Florida I took a 3D modeling course which focused primarily on game (or “real-time”) modeling. My goal throughout the semester was to create objects in one of three themes (medieval, western, or post-apocalyptic) from a selection of items the professor had given. For this project, I picked the medieval theme and after creating the models, each one had to be UV mapped and then hand painted appropriately according to our theme without using any images. For this, I used the relatively new program that is taking over the industry, Substance Painter 2. Once all the models were created, mapped, and painted, I had to model and texture a 3D environment according to the same guidelines and make a cohesive scene to place all of the models in, and inevitably add new ones to have a complete environment. From here, I placed the environment along with the models into Unity and created a first person so that the player can walk around the scene.


Note: Unfortunately the “game” isn’t playable on a browser since Unity’s current browser exporter still has a significant number of lighting problems but contact me and I would be happy to show it to you.