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Hype Map

About This Project

Hype Map is a mobile optimized application mashup which uses the OpenWeather API, Twitter API, and Google Maps API. It is designed to have the user select a city, have real time weather displayed in that city along with a Google Map that displays up to 200 of the most current tweets so that user’s can see what is happening around their city and where. Along with the Google Map, users can navigate to the Feed section of the application and see the 100 latest tweets in their area.


The project was created in just over two weeks for the class Rapid Application Development at the University of Central Florida and was presented at the UCF Celebrates the Arts showcase at the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando. For this application, I was a co-project lead and set up the Google API, the database which Google uses to display content within markers, much of the Twitter API, the linking of both Twitter and Google API’s, and much of the CSS.


Hype Map uses PHP, jQuery, AJAX, a database, XML data, and JSON data to function along with the API’s mentioned above.