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Tempest Road Board Games

About This Project

Tempest Road Board Games is a fully functional e-commerce site that I created with a small team for a group project at the University of Central Florida. I was in charge of all the backend functionality and some of the styling. For the site, I created a system for displaying products and organizing them by name, price, view numbers, and categories. I also built a sign up/login system and account pages for users. Additionally if a user is logged in, they can write a review on a product. Finally if logged in as an Administrator or Super user, you have access to Updating, Creating, and Deleting products, users, and reviews from the Database through the website by clicking Manage Content on the sidebar on the left-hand side of the Admin page. The payment system utilizes Paypal which is using a Sandbox Development Toolkit so that no actual purchasing can be done.

To login as an admin use the username: Super and the password: UPPER~CASE.